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Discover the Tower Garden HOME with Lights: an indoor aeroponic system that lets you grow up to 32 plants efficiently. Featuring full-spectrum LED lights for year-round gardening, it’s perfect for any indoor space. Simple setup, minimal water use, and digital timer automation make fresh, homegrown produce more accessible than ever.

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What’s Included

  • Seedling Starter Kit (includes: germination tray, rockwool cubes, vermiculite and net pots, and a variety of seeds for leafy greens, lettuces and herbs)
  • 4 standard grow pots (16 regular sized plants)
  • 2 baby greens grow pots (16 baby greens plants)
  • Pump, timer, drain tube and water monitor
  • Tower Garden Mineral Blend plant food (1 litre of each) and measuring cup
  • pH test kit
  • LED lights

Introducing the Tower Garden HOME with Lights, the ultimate indoor gardening solution that combines advanced technology with convenience and style. Designed for homes and classrooms alike, this aeroponic system allows you to cultivate a diverse range of plants year-round, regardless of external weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Compact Vertical Design: At just over 5 feet tall, the Tower Garden HOME with Lights is perfectly sized for indoor use, fitting easily into corners or against walls. It supports up to 32 plants, allowing for a plentiful harvest of herbs, vegetables, and fruits in a very compact space.
  • Advanced Aeroponic Technology: Utilizing a soil-free, aeroponic approach, this system mists the roots of your plants with nutrient-rich water, encouraging rapid growth and higher yields while using significantly less water than traditional gardening methods.
  • Integrated LED Lighting System: Equipped with full-spectrum LED lights that simulate sunlight, the Tower Garden HOME ensures your plants receive the optimal light for photosynthesis, promoting growth year-round without the need for natural sunlight.
  • User-Friendly Digital Timer: An easy-to-use digital timer automates the system’s lights and water pump, ensuring your plants receive exactly what they need for hassle-free growth.
  • All-Inclusive Kit: The Tower Garden HOME with Lights includes everything needed to start growing immediately: non-GMO seeds, Earth-friendly plant nutrients, a pH testing kit, and a comprehensive guide to get you started.


  • Enhanced Growth Control: Adjust the light based on the specific needs of your plants, maximizing growth rates and yield without reliance on external weather conditions.
  • Space and Water Efficient: Ideal for urban dwellers with limited space, this system requires 90% less water than soil-based gardens, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Educational and Fun: Whether you’re teaching children about the basics of botany or experimenting with hydroponics at home, the Tower Garden HOME with Lights provides a practical and engaging platform.
  • Fresh Produce Year-Round: Enjoy the taste of your own freshly picked herbs and vegetables at any time of the year, enhancing your meals with unmatched freshness and flavor.

The Tower Garden HOME with Lights is more than just a garden; it’s a sustainable lifestyle change. It makes gardening accessible to everyone, everywhere—even if you don’t have a backyard. Start enjoying healthier living and the rewarding experience of growing your own food today!

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