About Sculpt Garden

"At Sculpt Garden, we believe in cultivating more than just plants. We're growing a future where everyone can access fresh, nutritious food through innovative and sustainable gardening practices."

Our Story

Beginnings of Sculpt Garden

Sculpt Garden began as a seed of inspiration sown during a family trip that took an unexpectedly transformative turn. Founded by Seamus & Mary Penrose, our journey started over eight years ago with a simple vision: to integrate more sustainable and efficient gardening practices into everyday life. The concept for Sculpt Garden sprouted when Seamus & Mary, always keen on innovative gardening solutions, discovered the potential of vertical gardening to revolutionize urban green spaces.

Our Journey with Tower Garden

The pivotal moment for Sculpt Garden came when our family traveled to America to explore firsthand the revolutionary Tower Garden. Having heard incredible success stories and seen the impressive results of both personal and commercial uses of Tower Garden systems, we were inspired by their potential to change the way people garden. During our visit, we saw lush, vibrant gardens thriving vertically—using minimal space and water. This experience illuminated the profound benefits of aeroponic technology, sparking a passion that would soon become our mission.

Our decision to bring Tower Garden to Europe was driven by the desire to offer these same opportunities for sustainable gardening to others. Witnessing the system’s ability to empower individuals and communities by providing access to fresh, healthy produce year-round revealed a clear path forward for us. We saw how Tower Garden could not only optimize urban gardening but also foster educational and nutritional benefits that could enrich people’s lives.

From that inspirational trip, Sculpt Garden was born. We returned to Europe with a deep commitment to spreading the word about Tower Garden’s transformative gardening technology. Today, Sculpt Garden is more than just a business; it’s a community hub where individuals, families, and educators come together to learn about and engage in sustainable living practices.

Seamus & Mary Penrose, with their deep-rooted passion for gardening and sustainability, continues to lead Sculpt Garden with the vision of making Tower Garden a cornerstone of modern urban agriculture across Europe. Through workshops, community projects, and personal engagements, we strive to empower as many people as possible to start their own vertical gardens, cultivating a greener, healthier future one Tower Garden at a time.

Why We Choose Tower Garden

Sustainability and Efficiency

At Sculpt Garden, our commitment to sustainability is rooted in every choice we make, which is why the Tower Garden system is central to our operations. Tower Garden’s aeroponic technology is a game-changer in environmental conservation, particularly in how it handles two of our most precious resources: space and water. This innovative system uses up to 90% less water than traditional soil-based gardening. By misting roots directly with nutrient-rich solutions, water wastage through runoff is virtually eliminated, ensuring every drop is used efficiently.

Moreover, the vertical design of Tower Garden maximizes space by growing upwards. This is particularly crucial in urban environments where horizontal space can be scarce. We can grow dense and productive gardens in a fraction of the space required by traditional methods, making sustainable gardening accessible even in the smallest of urban apartments.

Tower Garden Home

Health and Wellness

For our family, Tower Garden has been a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. The ability to grow fresh, organic produce right in our living room not only brings unbeatable convenience but also ensures that we know exactly what goes into our food. This means no pesticides or harmful chemicals, just pure, nutritious produce. The freshness of vegetables and fruits harvested minutes before eating is unparalleled, providing us with maximum nutritional benefits—vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are often lost in store-bought produce due to prolonged storage and transport.

The impact on our daily meals is profound, encouraging us to eat healthier and more sustainably. This ease of access to fresh ingredients isn’t just a luxury; it’s a transformative way to approach food and wellness, promoting better eating habits naturally.

Educational Value

Tower Garden extends beyond just a tool for food production; it’s a dynamic educational platform. In our home and community, it serves as a living classroom, demonstrating the principles of botany, ecology, and nutrition through hands-on learning. Children and adults alike are fascinated to see how plants grow, understand their life cycles, and learn about the role of nutrients in plant development.

We’ve utilized Tower Garden in various educational programs to teach sustainable practices and the importance of environmental stewardship. It helps instill a sense of responsibility and connection to the earth, even in urban settings where traditional gardening might not be possible. Through workshops and community events, we’ve watched countless individuals light up with excitement as they harvest their first leafy greens or herbs, sparking conversations about food security and sustainable living practices.

In every aspect, Tower Garden has not only nourished our bodies but also enriched our minds, making it an invaluable part of our journey towards a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Promoting Sustainable Living

At Sculpt Garden, our mission is to transform the way people think about gardening and food consumption. We are dedicated to inspiring individuals and communities to embrace sustainable gardening practices that are not only beneficial for their health but also for the planet. Through the innovative Tower Garden technology, we aim to democratize gardening by making it accessible, simple, and environmentally friendly.

Tower Garden’s aeroponic system embodies the essence of sustainability — it conserves water, saves space, and eliminates the need for chemical pesticides, offering a greener alternative to traditional gardening. We strive to educate our customers about the importance of reducing their ecological footprint by integrating Tower Gardens into their lives. Our goal is to show that sustainable living can be achieved with ease and can lead to a profound impact on personal and environmental health.

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